Copy of Google

A Summer Making Cool Things at Google.

During the Summer of 2015, I had the opportunity to join the YouTube team at Google for a four month internship.

Welcome to Google!

Focus on the user and all else will follow—this is Google's mantra, and during my sixteen weeks, I learned it well. As one of the most prominent products in the Google ecosystem, it was super rad to work with the YouTube team to take part in designing a platform that gives people a voice and a stage to be heard.


As an Interaction Design Intern on the YouTube team, I worked on a number of projects with some of the most brilliant Designers, Researchers, Engineers, Product Managers, and Interns in the world. I gained lifelong design skills, and learned to be extra scrappy, fast, and efficient. 

On Being Googley

The best part about working at Google is the people, and obviously, the culture these people celebrate. Being Googley is how Googlers describe the culture of being a Google employee—and it's awesome. You are constantly surrounded by the brightest, friendliest, and most creative folks on the planet, and this makes for an amazingly collaborative and inspiring environment. As an intern, I felt empowered to drive change within an extremely impactful space, and was lucky to be able to collaborate with and learn from Google's product teams from all over.

Project 1: Rethink The Purchases Library on YouTube

My first project at Google was to rethink the library where YouTube users collect paid and premium content. When a user purchases a movie, creator merchandise, subscriptions, or other types of monetary exchanges on YouTube, their purchase and transaction record is stored in a private space called the Purchases Library. The problem we were trying to solve was that users didn't know what happened to paid content after it was paid for, and thus, never consumed the content. During the project, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Google Researchers, Product Managers, and Engineers to implement and work through problems and potential solutions. 

Project 2: Intern Collaborative Project

The second project I worked on was a collaborative project with two other Google interns; another User Experience Design Intern (Max Kessler) and a User Experience Research Intern (Emily Sun). Throughout the summer we explored the concept of "Togetherness, Apart" and delved into the depths of togetherness, and what this could mean in a space like YouTube. Unfortunately, I can't show any process or images from this project, but I'd love to talk to you more about it.